Area #3

Application and Innovation of Quantitative Methods

Irma's background and expertise in quantitative research methods has led to the opportunity to innovate existing quantitative methods.

Her ongoing work with Professor Tim Liao of the University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign, for instance, aims to extend and adapt the commonly used decomposition method of the variance regression function model to panel models to decompose sources that drive wage inequality over time. 

Two ongoing projects with Dr. Anna Manzoni of North Carolina State University, Professor Ulrich Köhler of the Universität Potsdam and Christian Brzinsky–Fay of the WZB, have been geared towards the development of a new measure that quantifies the quality of (career) sequences. Publications about the new measure (with A. Manzoni), have appeared in the Handbook of Methodological Advances in Sequence Analysis in 2018 by Springer and PlosOne in 2020.

Most recently (together with Erik A. Mooi of the University of Melbourne and Professor Marko Sarstedt of the Otto–von–Guericke Universität in Magdeburg) Irma has co–authored a book which provides an advanced and state–of–the–art discussion of methods for researchers who wish to know more about the process, data management, and most commonly used methods in market research using Stata. This book, published in 2018, has been ranked #22 in the list of 100 Best Market Research Books of All Time by BookAuthority (an independent organisation). Book chapters have been downloaded over 1.5 million times by people around the world that have used or adopted this book for research and teaching purposes.



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