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  • Mooi, Erik, Marko Sarstedt and Irma Mooi-Reci. (2018). Market Research: The Process, Data, and Methods using Stata. Springer Publs.

  • Mooi-Reçi, Irma.  (2008). Unemployed and Scarred for Life? Longitudinal Analyses of How Unemployment and Policy Changes Affect Re-employment Careers and Wages in the Netherlands, 1985-2000. PhD Dissertation Series, Faculty of Social Sciences, VU University Amsterdam. Enschede: PrintPartners Ipskamp. ISBN: 978-90-9023654-4.

  Book Chapters

  • Manzoni, Anna and Irma, Mooi-Reci. (2018). Measuring Sequence Quality, in Sequence Analysis and Related Approaches: Innovative Methods and Applications. Edited by Gilbert Ritschard and Matthias Studer. Springer Publs.

  • Dekker, Ronald and Irma, Mooi-Reci. (2011). "Tijdelijk Werk: Zegen of Vloek?" pp. 98-114 in Dynamiek op de Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt. Edited by R. van Gaalen, J. Sanders, W. Smits and J.F. Ybema. Den Haag/Hoofddorp: CBS/TNO.

  • Meerman Martha, Irma, Reci and Arichi, Karima. (2004). “The role of interim subsidized employment in the life course of the security guard”, pp.119-136 in Diversity in life courses; consequences for the labour market. Amsterdam SISWO/Social Policy Research.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Working Papers

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  • Mooi-Reci, Irma and Lyn Craig. (2020). "Dual-Parent Joblessness, Household Work and Its Moderating Role on Children's Joblessness as Young Adults". Journal of Family Issues. 

  • Mooi-Reci, Irma. (forthcoming). “Intergenerational Mobility Research: Current Challenges and Future Directions.” Australian Economic Review.
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  • Mooi-Reci, I., M. Wooden & M. Curry. (forthcoming). “The employment consequences of growing up in a dual-parent jobless household: A comparison of Australia and the United States”. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility.

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