New Editorial Responsibilities


As of 2019, I have been appointed Deputy Editor of the renowned journal Gender & Society for a 4-year period (1/44 in Women's studies; 12/148 in Sociology). Greatful and honoured to be part of the new editorial team.

In addition, I will be serving in the editorial board of the journal Social Science Reseach (41/148 in Sociology).


January 2018

In 2018, I was promoted to level D (Associate Professor) equivalent to what is called "Reader" in the UK or Lektor (in Dutch). Delighted and excited for the recognition and acknowledgement of my work.

Head of Sociology  


Delighted and honoured to lead Sociology to growth and excellence in the next 3 years. Sociology at University of Melbourne, brings together a team of 18 dedicated experts and scholars that study pressing social issues in Australia and around the globe with the aim to inform and shape public polices that reduce social disadvantage and improve people's everyday lives.

New Book 

January 2017

New book Market Research using Stata, (joint work with Erik Mooi and Marko Sarstedt) is out!

The book, is an easily accessible and comprehensive guide for researchers and students who wish to know more about the process, data management, and most commonly used methods in market research using Stata. Readers will be offered an overview covering the entire market research process from asking market research question(s), to collecting and analyzing data using quantitative methods. The book is engaging, hands-on and includes many practical examples, tips and suggestions that make it easy for the readers to apply and interpret quantitative methods such as regression, factor and cluster analysis. With these models, researchers will be able to gain useful insights about factors or circumstances that optimize the position of companies in the market. This book adopts Stata, a frequently used analytics package.

Sabbatical at Nuffield College, Oxford University

December 2016

Delighted to embark on an exciting research-only period over the next six months. From January to June 2017 I will continue working on projects related to my ARC-Discovery grant on the intergenerational effects of joblessness at the Nuffield College and the Department of Sociology at Oxford University. Amongst my collaborators will be Professor Melinda Mills who is renowned for her ground-breaking research on fertility behaviour, partnership status and assortative mating.

Teaching in Indonesia: Comparative Social Policy

November 2016

Another successful teaching experience in Indonesia this year. About 22 Australian and Indonesian students took part in our joint subject "Comparative Social Policy" at Gadja Madda University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The highlights of this year's teaching were the field visits to an NGO that was determined to help individuals with physical impairment and a village community with special care for older people.

Workshop: Beyond the Gig Economy

November 2016

Through a competitive grant from the School of Social and Political Sciences that I obtained together with scholars from the Brotherhood of St Laurence, a successful 2-day seminar was organised. The seminar titled "Beyond the Gig Economy" brought together Australian and international academics as well as senior figures from civil society, government, unions and business to tackle the question of how to ensure economic security for the most disadvantaged in the face of the changing nature of work, demographic, social, political and economic change. Read more about the speakers and the program here.

New appointment

August 2016

The fruitful collaboration and research engagement with colleagues from the Melbourne Institute of Applied and Economic Research over the past three years has been recognised through an honorary appointment as Adjunct Senior Fellow of the Institute. Delighted and fortunate to be part of this fantastic team which houses many renowned Australian and international academic scholars.

Conference Presentations in 2016

Throughout 2016

This has been another productive year in terms of conference presentations. To mention a few highlights: In April, Professor H. Ganzeboom presented one of our ongoing research projects on "The Intergenerational Occupational Status Reproduction: A Cross-National and Historical Perspective" at the Annual Conference of the Population of Association of America (PAA) in Washington D.C. in March/April 2016. This  is one of the first research papers from the project on intergenerational effects of joblessness.

The paper on "Casual employment and Long-term Wage Outcomes" was presented at the Research Committee 28 (RC 28), of the International Sociological Association in Singapore in May 2016. This paper will appear at the renowned journal of Human Relations in 2017. A joint paper with researchers from the Melbourne Institute on "The Impact of Recessions on Initial Job Attainment: The Role of Institutions, Family Income and Education Level" was presented by Ms. E. Porter at the RC 28 in Bern in August 2016.

Finally, results from the most recent analyses on our family joblessness project were presented in Canberra at the Longitudinal Data Conference. For more information on the conference presentations, see my CV here.

ARC Research Grant: The Intergenerational Transmission of Joblessness

November 2015

Together with Professor Mark Wooden of Melbourne Institute and Professor Tim F. Liao of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign we have been awarded a 4-year research grant from the Austrial Research Council  (DP 160101063). Our project aims to unpack the mechanisms, channels, factors that drive joblessness from one generation to the next in Australia and across Europe, Asia and United States. By creating a rich longitudinal dataset on families across the selected countries we challenge existing theories by asking whether aspects of family’s work-welfare trajectories, values and dynamics play out differently across multiple nations, over time and in different labour market, institutional and family contexts. More details about the project can be found here.

Intensive teaching in Indonesia

November 2015

Amazing teaching experience in Indonesida as part of our inter-institutional collaboration.  The subject Comparative Social Policy was offered intensively at the University of Gadja Madda in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

1st International Conference of the ARC Centre of Excellence

October 2015

During an inspiring week full of research activities, we were invited to present our paper "The Rise of Mothers" (with Harry Ganzeboom) at Family Dynamics Symposium organized by the ARC Centre of Excellence on Life Courses.

Public Lecture (organized with L. Ruppanner):  Are Work-Family Policies Good or Bad for Gender Inequality?

October 2015

Professor Judith Treas, University of California Irvine and Professor Michelle Budig, University of Massachusetts - two renowned scholars in family research - address this question in our public lecture (October 22nd). They describe the intended and unintended consequences of these policies in a range of countries with different family policy regimes.

Strategic initiative grant

March 2015

Together with colleagues (Prof. J. Murphy and dr. R. DiProse) from the School of Social and Political Sciences, we received funding (AUD 77,371) to accelerate teaching and research related collaboration initiatives with international universities.

Workshop on Work/Family Attitudes in Context: A Cross-Time and Cross-National Examination

November 2014

Workshop funding received (AUD 15,000) from the School of Social and Political Sciences to organize an international workshop that links work/family scholars from the SSPS with international scholars from Universities in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia (with dr. Leah Ruppanner). The 3-day workshop to be held in November 2015, will present research that investigates how changes over time in work/family attitudes influence the way in which partners interpret, negotiate and organize their work and household labour.

Workshop on Spatial Analysis in Social Sciences

November 2014

Workshop funding received (AUD 7,000) from the School of Social and Political Sciences to organize and offer a workshop on Spatial Analysis (with dr. Leah Ruppanner). The 2-day workshop will be offered in July 2015 and present information on current challenges and techniques of spatial analysis. This will include, but not be limited to, the use of Geographical Information System (GIS) Software, current issues requiring spatial analysis, and outlets for GIS research. The workshop will be taught by Dr. Georgiana Bostean, Assistant Professor of Environment, Health Science, and Sociology at Chapman University in California, United States.

2015 Early Career Researcher Grant: The Context of Welfare Dependency

October 2014

In October 2014, I was awarded a highly competitive grant by the University of Melbourne. The grant supports early career researchers who demonstrate clear evidence of high research potential to progress their research careers. The grant amounts AUD 24,000 and facilitates research in terms of a research assistant and teaching relief from one subject over the period of 2015.

Honorary Research Fellowship 

March 2014

Recently I have been appointed as an Honorary Research Fellow of the newly established Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course. The Life Course Centre includes leading Australian and international researchers from Melbourne University, the Universities of Queensland, Western Australia, and Sydney as well as inernational experts from Harvard, Chicago, Singapore, Essex and many more partners. The Centre tackles the problem of deep and persistent disadvantage, which is characterised by the spread of social and economic poverty within families and across generations despite overall improvements in the broader society.

Faculty Research Grant

November 2013

Delighted to have been awarded another competitive research grant from the School of Social and Political Sciences to undertake research on the "Intergenerational Effects of Joblessness in Australia and the Netherlands" (AUD 14,748).

Newly introduced 150-point course of Master of Social Policy

October 2013

Since October 2013, I am the Director of the Master of Social Policy (MSP) at the University of Melbourne. MSP is the oldest of its kind in Australia. It educates and trains the next generation of academics and policy scholars that strive to improve and advance public policy targeted at pressing social issues around key life course domains. Different from other master programs in public policy it focuses on the determinants and consequences of social policy as it influences individuals and socio demographic groups on short and longer run. Please find out more about the program and enrollments here.

Research Contract with the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Netherlands

October 2013

As part of a faculty research grant that I was awarded in 2013, a research contract between the University of Melbourne and the Central Bureau of Statistics in the Netherlands has been initiated to investigate the Intergenerational Transmission of Benefit Dependence in both countries. 

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